Welcome Back to GenW | Year THREE |2024

Join us on Tuesday, October 29, 2024 for YEAR THREE of GenW because you are committed to your generational wealth!

Welcome Back! Join us on Tuesday, October 29, 2024, between 12 AM and 2 PM Pacific Time for a three-hour update that promises to be both insightful and inspiring.

Picture this moment.

I want to have a heart-to-heart with you about something that I believe is absolutely critical for your future and the legacy you're creating for your family – Gen W.

Picture this moment: today is your last day, and everything you've worked for, every dream, every asset, and every plan you've meticulously put together is about to be passed on to your loved ones.

Have you truly prepared for this moment? 

Are you confident that your wealth and legacy are ready to be handed over? 

I want you to feel the urgency of this conversation, not as a cause for panic but as a call to action.

I know this isn't the most exciting or enjoyable topic. 

Talking about the day we leave this world isn't something anyone looks forward to, but it's a day we must all face. 

Most people think about it, put it off, and say, "I'll get to it someday." I hear that all the time.

But let me tell you something, especially for those of you who are on the path to creating wealth and becoming millionaires – you can't achieve that level of success without a solid plan. 

At the big table and within our millionaire-maker community, we don't discuss the exciting aspects of wealth creation. We delve deep into the nitty-gritty details, and here's why.

On January 3rd, 2021, I was just 52 minutes away from that hypothetical deadline. 

I thought I was organized, but in talking to my own children, I realized there were gaps. 

They were good, but not as prepared as they should be to handle the intricacies of running businesses, managing assets, and navigating alternative investments like cannabis licenses and real estate.

So, I've turned up the heat on this conversation, not just for your benefit, but for mine, too. 

After all, we often teach what we need to learn. 

Many of you have been postponing this day, but have you ever thought about how you want your life celebration to unfold? 

Have you made decisions about your organs or other important matters?

We won't just talk at this event; we'll be taking action. You'll be led by an integrated team, the individuals you'll need when that day arrives. You'll have their contact information, ensuring everything is documented and clear, leaving no room for confusion or disputes.

I know this isn't the most thrilling conversation, and it might even stir up emotions for some of you.

But it's a conversation we cannot afford to avoid. Are your loved ones ready? How do we get them ready? How do we design a celebration of life?

You'll leave this event with a comprehensive checklist and your trust documents completed – this isn't just talk; it's action. We'll discuss structures, trusts, and taxes, and you'll have the opportunity to meet the experts who will be by your side.

Remember, if today were the day, are you ready? 

Have you given your family a loving and respectful plan? Because legacy isn't just about money; it's about character and values. I understand you have busy lives, but imagine the relief on the other side when you can say, "I did it; I made those decisions."

Unplanned estates and health issues are the top reasons most legacies crumble. We'll also tackle health matters, providing insights and solutions. Are you a part of Gen W? Have you committed to building generational wealth that stands the test of time?

I've searched far and wide, and I can tell you, there's nothing quite like this event. You won't just leave with knowledge; you'll leave with a fully integrated team ready to support you.

If we don't do this, what's our plan? 

Are we going to leave our loved ones with a fragmented, unintegrated team? 

Let's not take that risk.

In closing, I want to share a quote from Zig Ziglar, a wise man who reminds us that kids go where there's excitement, but they stay where there's love

Let's do this for ourselves, for the love we have for our families, and for the generations that will follow.

See you at the Gen W event.


Save The Date! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2024, between 12 AM and 2 PM Pacific Time

Agenda and Details Coming Soon!

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How many times have you gotten conflicting financial advice from professionals?

Your adviser tells you one thing, your CPA another. 

Then you wonder, does my financial adviser know what my lawyer is doing? Does my insurance broker need to be updated by my CPA? When these relationships are not in harmony it slows down, and often interrupts, your wealth building process.

This is why we take a team approach to wealth management. You get “access” to a team of vetted financial professionals who are all on the same page regarding your wealth. For example, our CPA will do a free audit of your last 3 years of taxes to show you where the “leaks” are in your wealth bucket. If you discover you need to setup a new entity you’ll talk to our entity expert. Want to learn how to invest the thousands of dollars you just saved in taxes into off wall street assets? We’ll teach you how!

Is your checklist complete?

 We will be actively working with you so that you walk away feeling amazing AND knowing that you have taken care of your loved ones and yourself!

Is your trust fully funded and includes life insurance, and long term care planning?
Do you have with a hundred percent certainty your trust is completed and funded and up-to-date?
Do you have an updated and planned will?
Do you have a pour-over will?
Is your financial power of attorney up-to-date?
Is your health power of attorney up-to-date?
Do you have regular family meetings and are sticking to a plan?
Have you developed your family's custom values, mission and legacy guidelines and goals?
Have you selected a charity of choice?
If this is 100%  complete, It actually means you can go directly to our team!

Save The Date! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2024, between 12 AM and 2 PM Pacific Time

Agenda and Details Coming Soon!

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What we'll discuss.

By learning about strategies, resources, and specific tools, attendees will leave the event with vision, purpose, and ideas to create a family legacy to build on for generations.

Creating a vision for your family legacy.

Money rules to build & sustain family wealth.

Inheritance & Transitioning assets.

Staying out of probate!

Establishing tax & entity strategy.

Establishing a “legacy” dialogue with kids & extended family.

Planning for the unexpected; insurance.

Financial tools, resources AND Action steps for your family legacy.

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